Welcome to Canada Culvert

CANADA CULVERT is a culmination of over 150 years of experience entrenched in delivering high-quality products supported by exemplary service and expertise. By offering versatile, cost-effective products we continue to set the benchmark for water and soil management solutions across Canada.
With a dedicated team of sales and technical personnel in 11 branches from coast to coast, top-notch equipment for producing corrugated steel pipes and structural plates, we have every reason to proudly say that INNOVATION FLOWS FROM HERE.

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FlowGuard is a safety and control device for culverts. It is a proven, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly product. FlowGuard is specifically designed to provide human safety during a high flood period, to prevent beavers from plugging culvert entrances and control any detrimental beaver activities. FlowGuard device is suspended to allow water to pass freely through the culvert without impeding the passage of fish or harming the environment. The knock-down design feature allows for large and small diameter devices to be shipped economically and to be installed with ease.

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“The Hole Idea” built by Canada Culvert wins an Ontario Association of Architects Award.
The winning company is Weiss Architecture & Urbanism Limited for their whimsical, snow covered Warming Hut in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Once fabricated and assembled, the colourful hut was towed out onto the ice of the Red River, placed along the city’s extensive natural skating track and then covered in two feet of snow. “The Hole Idea”, inspired by the 1955 Looney Tunes animation, made a lot of kids happy this past winter.






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