About Us

Innovation Flows From Here


ccHiResCANADA CULVERT is the culmination of over 150 years of experience entrenched in delivering high-quality, ground-breaking engineered products supported by exemplary service and expertise. By offering versatile, cost-effective products, we have set the benchmarks on the Canadian landscape. With a dedicated team of sales and technical experts throughout Canada, we provide water management solutions that really make a difference.




Our Heritage

The companies that form the new CANADA CULVERT had well-established reputations within the industry. Now together, we’ve pooled our expertise and product offerings to create a strong foundation. Proudly, CANADA CULVERT offers: STEELCOR Corrugated Steel Pipe, CorPlate SPCSP, Flange Nestable CSPHDPE, GeotextilesGuardrailWater Control Gates and Beaver Stop®.




Dedicated People

Our products are only as good as the people who create them. That’s why you will find knowledgeable and experienced employees at all levels of our company – from our tradespeople to our engineers.


We’re dedicated to providing workable and cost-effective solutions for water management. As well, we are committed to pursuing, developing, and investigating new and alternative products that make a difference for our customers and to the world around them. Our strength as a company comes from making premium quality products and supporting them with complete service – from start to finish. Learn more.