WGI Ownership


WGI Ownership



The new CANADA CULVERT is owned by WGI WESTMAN GROUP INC. A fresh, progressive company,

CANADA CULVERT has a strong collective force of innovation and expertise, giving us every reason to boast that true Innovation Flows From Here.


WGI WESTMAN GROUP INC. is a dynamic, entrepreneurial collection of companies, including BEHLEN Industries LP, WESTMAN STEEL Industries, MERIDIAN MANUFACTURING INC., and now, CANADA CULVERT.



Originally, the “WESTMAN GROUP” of companies started with Westman Culvert & Metal Co. Ltd. in 1976, which manufactured riveted galvanized steel culverts in Winnipeg. Over time, other culvert producing facilities were added to the WESTMAN GROUP through a variety of acquisitions. The current listing of companies now owned by WGI WESTMAN GROUP INC. offers a wide selection of products, which strengthens the resources, capabilities, and expertise of the organization as a whole.


Learn more about WGI WESTMAN GROUP INC., and related companies: http://www.westmangroup.com/.