The Assembly Advantage


“We were amazed with the accuracy of the plates and the ease of assembly.”
Canadian Royalties and Nunavik Construction on a CorPlate project in QC.

Give yourself the on-site assembly advantage!


We made the investment to improve your bottom line! Our automated process ensures a consistent and accurate plate which generated up to a 20% savings in assembly time.


We are proud to be the first recipient of the 2017 Transportation Infrastructure Innovation Award from the Ontario Road Builders Association for advanced SPCSP manufacturing.



CorPlate - 2013 AT Hwy 63 (42)

CorPlate – Alberta Hwy 63

CorPlate - Plates (5)

CorPlate – Plates


Using CorPlate you will have the assembly advantage because:


  • CorPlate is designed and manufactured by Canada Culvert to exacting standards. The automated process features three Titan robots from KUKA Robotics and two Bystronic Expert press brakes capable of monitoring steel deflection and adjusting pressures accordingly. This ensures production of a corrugated plate with unmatched consistency and extreme precision. The system guarantees uniform bend accuracy for any bend length and workpiece position.


  • The strictest product control and safety procedures are in place to ensure quality for the client and uncompromised safety for our staff.


  • Canada Culvert prides itself on setting the industry standard for all of their manufactured products and is committed to increasing efficiency, capacity and more importantly quality.


  • Our fully automated robotic line is the first of its kind to produce Structural Plate Corrugated Steel Pipe with unprecedented consistency.