Beaver Stop®


The environmentally friendly solution

Beaver Stop is environmentally-friendly beaver control products, with low maintenance, available for most pipe sizes, providing years of consistent and reliable service, allowing beavers and culvert to easily co-exist. It is designed specifically to prevent beavers from plugging culvert entrances and control any detrimental beaver activities. Beaver Stop is suspended to allow water to pass freely through the culvert without impeding the passage of fish or harming the beavers.


Protection you can count on

Natural water managers, beavers build dams to create safe homes and provide storage areas for their food supply. And like humans, beavers tend to do only as much work as necessary. Roads, railways, and other manmade structures provide the ideal shelter and when they are dammed, good water storage as well. Once the beaver dams are built they are tough and usually can withstand floodwaters. Well built, beaver dams are difficult to remove by hand or with equipment. But with Beaver Stop, all areas of the culvert are protected, including the outlet, inlet, and the middle.


Maintenance free performance

Beaver Stop® can be installed on new or existing culverts and are available for diameters of any size. This patented product fits round corrugated steel pipe, arched corrugated steel pipe, pipe with sloped ends, and concrete pipe. Once installed, Beaver Stop® is virtually maintenance free, providing years of consistent and reliable service.


Overall features & benefits

  • Environmentally-friendly device
  • Can be installed on new or existing culverts
  • Available for any diameter
  • Maintenance free reduces maintenance costs
  • Proven results