Bridge Plank



Bridge plank provides a solid deck. It is a cost-effective, durable and fireproof solution for bridge rehabilitation or a continuous bridge deck surface for new bridges. Fast to assemble, eliminates reduced load limits caused by inadequate flooring.


Once welded or bolted in place, Bridge Plank restores strength to old structures and stiffens bridges laterally, providing a solid base for new asphalt or concrete paving and eliminates rattles, cracks, warp or rot.


The structural-quality steel used to manufacture Bridge Plank conforms to the requirements of ASTM A1011, ASTM A929, ASTM A653 or ASTM A 1018, depending on the steel thickness. Zinc coatings are in accordance with ASTM A 123 (for hot-dip galvanized) or ASTM A929 (for Pre-galvanized or Aluminized Type 2).





  • Rigid panel construction – reinforces old structures. The welded links stiffen the whole structure and the deck becomes an integral part of the bridge. Welding is done from the top of the planks, ensuring a safe and durable bridge.


  • Solid steel material – galvanized steel planks provide reliable service for decades and require minimal maintenance, no more repetitive repairs for municipalities, counties and townships.


  • High strength-to-weight ratio – total weight is only slightly higher than most timber floors and in some cases (especially with replacement of reinforced concrete decks) the load is actually reduced.


  • Fast, low-cost installation – with plank lengths matching the width of the bridge deck and with no special equipment or crew training needed, resurfacing an old bridge, or putting together a new bridge deck is economical and efficient. Bridge Plank is a lightweight product which is easy to handle and transport as it can be nested. Before paving a light asphaltic primer coat on top of the planks is recommended to act as a bond between the two materials.


Available Sizes


Bridge Plank is manufactured in a different thickness to meet various span and loading conditions.

Bridge Plank comes in 302mm x 108mm corrugation. Metric Contech deck section-Model