Canal Gates


The C-20 is designed to fit the need for a moderate pressure cut-off where either moderate seating or low unseating pressures are encountered. This product is ideally installed in treatment plants, flood control projects, irrigation canals and diversion stands. The C-20 features flatback gates for headwall mounting or spigot back models for attaching to corrugated metal pipe.


Overall features & benefits

  • 10 foot unseating head and up to 35 foot seating head
  • Rugged cast bronze lift nut
  • Standard machined iron seats (optional bronze)
  • Rising stems
  • Adjustable side wedges
  • Optional stainless steel guide rails and stem
  • Cast iron cover, frame ring, adjustable wedges, arch, and handwheel
  • Steel stem secured to cover
  • Standard accessories including galvanizing and bronze seats and stems
  • A variety of sizes are available and custom requirements may be furnished
  • Optional 25# and 125# ANSI drilling

The C-10 is designed for use on canal and pipeline systems which operate at low “heads” and were a moderately priced gate is desired. This product is ideally used for farm turnouts, control of industrial wastes, and drainage for tied control. The C-10 Canal Gate is of grey iron with an all-bolted steel frame with 1/4″ minimum thickness and includes the standard stem, which is special leaded, corrosion-resistant steel.


Overall features & benefits

  • Heavy cast-bronze lift nut and a cast iron wheel
  • Adjustable cast iron wedge blocks
  • Dependable seating closure with a practical degree of water tightness
  • Machined or ground cast iron seats
  • Easy-grip handwheel
  • Options include: bronze seats, stainless steel structural frame and bolts, stainless steel or brass stems, and special epoxy, coal tar or ASTM galvanized coatings, extended stems, special lifts, oil seals, stem guides, and limit nuts
  • Various sizes and options are available
  • ”Ni-Resist” iron castings
  • Stainless steel structural frame and assembly bolts
  • Complete galvanizing per ASTM A-123; coal tar, and epoxy coatings