“Engineers were very helpful in bringing the design to the point of installation. The sales staff is reliable, accommodating and easily accessible. Canada Culvert was great to deal with, will use them again on my next project.”
Brian L., Lundsrom Contracting Ltd. on CorPlate open bottom arch culverts project in Kicking Horse Campground in Field, BC

CorPlate is manufactured with exacting standards in a new modernized facility to provide cost-effective solutions for road construction, mining and infrastructure projects as well as environmentally friendly open bottom arches and traditional closed bottom structures. Both configurations are available in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, thicknesses and coatings to meet stringent site specific requirements.


CorPlate’s versatility is suitable for the following applications:

  • Traditional Culverts
  • Reline and Rehabilitation Solutions
  • Arch Bridges
  • Grade Separations
  • Wildlife Crossings
  • Pedestrian Underpasses
  • Stockpile Tunnels
  • Utilidors
  • Conveyors Enclosures and many other applications

Black Steel
Black steel structures are ideal for temporary or short-term applications where CorPlate structures will be
removed. Since the structures are not coated in zinc, economic savings can be realized and reduced delivery
time can be achieved.


Galvanized Z915
The standard hot-dipped galvanized process provides a 915 g/m2 coating of zinc (total both sides)
that forms a superior barrier over the steel. Calcium attracted from natural hard water can aid in providing
additional protection as it develops mineral scale on the pipe surface. As the zinc coating corrodes slowly
over time, it galvanically protects the base steel as long as any zinc remains.


Galvanized Z1220
The Z1220 zinc coating is a heavier galvanized coating that offers increased abrasion and corrosion
resistance by forming an impervious barrier between the steel and the environment. Since it is a heavier
coating than the Z915, it will add years of extended protection in environments where standard galvanized
coatings can be used.


Thermo Plastic Copolymer
This unique, solvent free, two coat system provides two layers of protection. The base coat zinc layer provides
outstanding corrosion resistance, while being completely sealed from the environment by the top coat of
EthyleneAcrylicAcid Copolymer which provides superior resistance to impact, corrosion, abrasion and
inorganic acid or alkali (diluted). This 10+ mils thick coating system is designed and tested to meet and exceed
industry standards. CorPlate structures with a Thermo Plastic Copolymer coating is a great alternative to other
pipe materials as it extends the service life of structures in aggressive environmental conditions while adding
virtually no weight to the structure.

“Canada Culvert’s detail to the shop drawing approval process and commitment to their schedule allowed IWC to execute the project on time and on budget. IWC will definitely request the services of Canada Culvert for future projects.”,
Steven E., Project Manager, IWC Excavation Ltd. on environmentally sensitive CorPlate project in the Pacific Rim National Park, BC

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