DuroMaxx close upDuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) pipe combines the strength of steel with the durability of plastic, resulting in an extraordinarily strong and durable pipe. DuroMaxx meets the long-term structural demands of the most difficult sanitary sewer, storm sewer, irrigation, stormwater detention, and wastewater projects.


DuroMaxx pipe is lightweight product easy to handle without heavy construction equipment. The smaller outside diameter compared to conventional pipes results in less trench excavation. Saving in both manpower and equipment, DuroMaxx guarantees total less spending.


Primary applications include:

  • Sanitary sewer
  • Storm sewer
  • Irrigation
  • Storm water management
  • Wastewater storage & yard piping
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Combined sewer overflow
  • Well and power pole cribbing
  • Glycol storage

With diameters from 762 to 3048mm and standard lengths of 4.267 to 7.315m with bell and spigot joints, DuroMaxx is quicker to assemble resulting in reduced installation cost.

DuroMaxx comes with all types of fabricated fittings – elbows, tees, wyes, slope junctions and reducers – to fit projects with multiple purposes.


DuroMaxx Joints options include:

  • 20.7 kPa soil tight (ST) joints
  • 103.4 kPa high performance (HP) joints
  • 206.8 kPa welded coupler (WC) joints


Custom sizes are also available.






DuroMaxx combines the strength of the steel with the durability of the plastic.


This lightweight product is easy and quick to install, providing significant savings for the contractors as they spend less time, manpower and heavy equipment while working with it.


Innovative Design
With its smooth interior, DuroMaxx possess superior hydraulics and allows for minimum slope designs solutions and longer runs.


DuroMaxx steel reinforced ribbed profile wall construction will not creep or buckle.

A pipe wall temperature in excess of 110˚ results in a loss of pipe stiffness greater than 30% for a non-reinforced profile wall polyethylene pipe. Steel reinforced DuroMaxx loses less than 1% of its stiffness under the same conditions because the steel provides the pipe stiffness, not the PE plastic. As a result, DuroMaxx can be twice as stiff as non-steel reinforced HDPE pipe.

This product is also substantially resistant in acidic/caustic soils, or in applications with corrosive or highly abrasive flows.



0.55 MPa steel reinforcing ribs provide the strength, and pressure rated Polyethylene Resin (PE) provides the durability of DuroMaxx.

DuroMaxx’s steel reinforcement delivers 100% of the load carrying capacity. Therefore the strength of DuroMaxx does not diminish over time.