Canada Culvert’s FlowGuard device is a proven, cost effective and environmentally-friendly product.

Ensuring safety for the public, FlowGuard shields an adult, and most importantly a child, from being dragged into a culvert in the case of flooding or rising waters. Easy to install, FlowGuard fits any pipe type, it is low-maintenance and provides years of protection.

The knock-down design feature allows for large and small diameter devices to be shipped economically and to be installed with ease.


What are the benefits of using FlowGuard:

  • Prevents incidents where a child or adult is pulled into a culvert by fast flowing water, or during a high flood.
  • Can be custom designed, produced and installed as a preventative measure ensuring better safety for the public.
  • When installed properly, the Beaver Control device keeps beavers and trash out of culverts allowing water to pass through the structure without interruption.
  • Allows fish to move freely through the culvert structure.
  • No disruption to the stream bed or embankments.
  • Low maintenance reducing operating costs.
  • Environmentally friendly method of maintaining culvert flow without harming beavers of other aquatic life species.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Does not disturb stream bio-diversity.
  • Easy to maintain, resists icing buildup.
  • Shipped in wooden crates worldwide and to remote areas.
  • Suitable for most applications.