Reline Solutions


How to Properly Reline and Grout an Old Pipe


Supporting cost effective options for our customers, it is often possible to salvage a damaged or failing structure. Reline systems provided by Canada Culvert eliminate the time, costs and challenges of replacing the existing pipe.


Canada Culvert provides a variety of reline packages to meet your specific application, design requirements and service life. Our innovated reline solutions are offered in the Steelcor, FloCore and CorPlate corrugation profiles.


Relines are a special application that utilized the following products:

  • CSP – SteelCor
  • Smooth wall CSP – FloCore
  • Structural Plate – CorPlate
  • DuroMaxx
  • Tunnel Liner Plate


Pipe is inserted to the failing host pipe and then concrete grout is placed in the void between the two pipes, creating a functional system.


Benefits are:

  • reduced or no disruptions to traffic on the road above
  • prevent the need for large excavation and backfilling on pipes that have a high amount of cover

Durable with long life The proper selection of coating and steel thickness enables CSP to meet a wide range service life requirements. Appropriate coating choices are determined after evaluating life cycle costs, environmental conditions, and abrasion severity. Our CSP products range from lightweight galvanized coatings such as our GALVANIZED CSP for temporary applications, to our premium coatings, such as Polycoat CSP with a 100 year life.  Coatings include:


Galvanized Z610 The standard galvanized coating with a proven track record of 45 years in suitable applications.  Z610 galvanized (610g/m2) is a hot-dip zinc coating that forms a superior barrier over steel. Calcium attracted from naturally hard water can aid in providing additional protection as it develops mineral scale on the pipe surface. As the zinc coating corrodes slowly over time, its galvanic alloy protects the base steel as long as any zinc remains.


Aluminized Type II Type II coating offers the corrosion resistance and surface characteristics of aluminum with the strength, durability, and economy of corrugated steel pipe. This product is fabricated from steel coils coated in commercially pure aluminum. A passive aluminium oxide film forms rapidly on the Aluminized Type II coating, protecting STEELCOR against abrasion and corrosion in a wide variety of harsh adverse environments. The coating has a strong bond between metals and a uniform thickness on both inside and outside the pipe. Aluminized Type II coating can provide a 75-year service life for 1.6 mm steel when pH is between 5.0 and 9.0 and resistivity is greater than 1500 ohm-cm. STEELCOR with Aluminized Type II coating is ideal for storm sewer and drainage projects and is a durable and economical alternative to reinforced concrete pipe.


Polymer Laminate Polymer Laminated coating is for long-term applications. It’s a tough, heavy-gauge film at least 10-mils thick laminated to both the inside and outside surfaces of the Z610 galvanized corrugated steel pipe. STEELCOR with POLYMER LAMINATED is a great alternative to concrete and asphalt-coated pipe because it’s half the weight, making it easier to transport, handle, and install. Polymer Laminated STEELCOR has a proven protection record even in some of the most demanding applications. It has a long-term service life, which can last up to 100 years or more depending upon environment.