With the increasing number and severity of devastating wildfires throughout North America, selecting the correct drainage product is becoming more important. The images below highlight the critical, inherent difference between Corrugated Steel Pipe and HDPE pipe.


Not all pipes are created equal. Corrugated Steel Pipe delivers unmatched temperature resistance compared to HDPE pipe. Corrugated Steel Pipe ensures municipalities, developers and owners, protection for their infrastructure, capital investment, access and public safety in the event of an emergency. It is durable, with a long life cycle, and resists all weather and environmental conditions.


HDPE pipe is easily ignited, highly flammable and can burn in, above and below ground installations. Even partial heat impact compromises the entire structural strength of plastic pipes increasing cost and risking safety. In comparison, Corrugated Steel Pipe is noncombustible and has a significantly higher melting point than the average temperature of a fire. In the event of a wildfire, Corrugated Steel Pipe is the reliable choice for urban, rural and forestry applications.


Should you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Sales Manager. Canada Culvert is committed to helping you build safe, strong and reliable infrastructure for your communities.


Fire Proof your roads with STEELCOR


                                                            Corrugated Steel Pipe                                                            HDPE Pipe
                                                             Noncombustible melting point 2600°F                           Combustible melting point 300°F
Burning Plastic Culvert
An HDPE culvert under HWY 101, Santa Barba, CA caught fire in the forest fires of August, 2015, sending smoke across the road.
CSP Pipe in a Burned Field
STEELCOR pipe remains untouched after flames destroyed a grass field in Saskatchewan.
HDPE Culvert on Fire
Portage Albany Fire
Intentionally set fire to HDPE culvert cost the City of Winnipeg $216,000 in repairs.
STEELCOR Withstands the Wildfire
Steelcor in Fort McMurray allows safe escape
Fort McMurray residents safely escape the fire using Hwy 63 – a road built solid with STEELCOR.