Aluminum Structural Plate


“Canada Culvert’s technical support was excellent. Through continuous site support, they ensured that the final product was something we could stand behind.”
Bernie R., Roseke Engineering Ltd. on Eitherington Creek Aluminum Structural Plate project, AB

Aluminum Structural Plate  is durable, lightweight and easy to install. It provides all the advantages of the structural steel plate plus additional durability, lightweight and versatility incomparable to other structures. Aluminum Structural Plate is 1/50 the weight of the concrete, makes it easy to handle with minimum equipment required for installation. The product is corrosion and abrasion resistant and extremely durable with an estimated 75+ year maintenance free service life. Aluminum reinforcing ribs are used when necessary to increase structural stiffness to support heavier loads.


Delivered to the job site unassembled, the plates and ribs are easily bolted together to form various shapes: round, vertical and horizontal ellipse, pipe-arch, underpass, pure arch and boxes for low cover applications.


The combination of lightweight material and variety of shapes and sizes makes Aluminum Structural Plate suitable for relines, rehabilitation projects, new construction and in the same time guarantees easy transportation to remote locations.


Primary applications include:

  • Small bridges
  • Culverts
  • Stream enclosures
  • Grade separations
  • Conveyor covers
  • Pedestrian and vehicular underpasses
  • Conduits
  • Relines


Aluminum Structural Plate has the following specifications:


Corrugation profile      230mm x 64mm

Thickness                        3.18mm to 6.35mm

Length of plates           1370mm


Bolts and nuts – two type of material are offered:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized, 19mm diameter steel bolts, meeting ASTM A449 specifications is the typical hardware
  • Aluminum hardware is offered for highly corrosive environments, such as installations in salt water
  • The underside of the bolt head is uniformly rounded and does not require special positioning


Aluminum Structural Plate structures come with various sizes from 1.5m to 8.0m span depending on the shape and the geometric requirements:


Round                                  1.50m to 6.40m diameter

Horizontal Ellipse             1.63m span x 1.35m rise to 6.23m span x 3.84m rise

Pipe Arch                            2.10m span x 1.75m rise to 6.12m span x 3.73m rise

Pure Arch                            1.50m rise x 0.78m rise to 7.00m span x 3.63m rise

Box                                        2.66m span x 0.76m rise to 7.75m span x 3.10m rise


Standard and custom geometry options are available to meet specific hydraulic and clearance requirements. We can design open bottom structural solutions installed on concrete or corrugated aluminum footings depending on site soil conditions. Canada Culvert also supplies corrugated aluminum headwalls and full inverts for open bottom arch and box shape structures, providing a full package solution for Aluminum Structural Plate projects.


Aluminum Structural Plate is durable and lightweight infrastructure product, providing the following benefits:


  • Strong and significant load carrying capacity
  • Easy, fast and low cost installation
  • Significantly eliminating delays and the need of detours
  • Reduced maintenance cost when used for buried bridge structures
  • Highly customizable product, perfect for all types of tailor-made engineering solutions that adapt easily to multiple site requirements
  • Ideal for costal applications in saline water environment
  • Designed to meet the Canadian Highway Bridge Design Code which makes it an excellent option for Canadian highway and roadway infrastructure projects
  • Complied with AASHTO (American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials) and ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials)