Tunnel Liner Plate



2-Flange Tunnel Liner Plate provides optimum shaft stability and protection for tunnel lining, relining structures under highways and railroads, and vertical shafts. It offers high continuous ring stiffness and compression joint strength. Preferred product for the mining industry and road builders. Comes in various shapes, including round, arch, horseshoe, pipe arch and underpass shapes. The available coatings are galvanized and Aluminized Type II.



  • Tunnel lining
  • New utility tunnels and enclosures
  • Relining of failing structures – bridge and large culverts
  • Vertical shafts



Tunnel Liner Plate is an economical and easy to install infrastructure product. It is easy to transport as the plates nest together. Prefered choice for engineered solutions as:

  • Minimizes installation expense
  • Optimizes shaft stability
  • Unsurpassed in strength and safety


Available sizes of Tunnel Liner Plate are:

  • 1200mm to 4500mmin diameter for the round shape
  • custom sizing and shapes are offered to meet special applications
  • can be supplied with grout fittings installed