Heavy Duty Sluice Gates


These products are designed for medium duty with corrosion resistant trim and a flangeback. Slide Gates are proven, economical solution for small reservoirs, ponding areas, and pumping stations. A durable gate, with a powerful center wedge closing action, but still easy to open. Features a circular opening, circular flangeback frame and is provided with bronze seat faces and stem, plus stainless steel assembly hardware for Sluice Gate type applications in water treatment facilities.


Overall features & benefits

  • Standard bronze non-rising stem (rising stainless steel stem optional)
  • Rugged modified acme threads
  • Standard iron seat faces (bronze optional)
  • Cast iron guide rails on 6″ to 14″
  • Stainless steel guide rails on 16″ or larger
  • Circular opening cast iron slide gate
  • For 60 foot seating (face) pressure and 10 foot unseating (back) pressure
  • Circular flangeback mounting with 125 lb. ANSI straddle on center drilling standard. 25 lb. ANSI drilling optional
  • Center-point wedge action
  • Stainless steel assembly hardware